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Frequency and How it Affects our Relationships (newsletter)

Frequency and How it Affects our Relationships

Hello friends,

This lesson is about frequency and how frequency affects your relationships and reality. This is one of the first things I teach in my Advanced Coaching for Manifestation Training because it is so important. Everyone has a certain frequency - the vibratory-oscillation rate of their DNA. It ranges between about 50 - 150 Ghz. Frequency is extremely important because of RESONANCE. You have a certain frequency and you resonate with people, places, times, things, and events that have similar if not identical frequency.

How does this affect your relationships with other people? Well, it works as follows. Two people do not get together or have "something in common" unless they are at the same or very similar frequency. This is so important to understand that I would like you to re-read the last sentence and think about it.

It doesn't have ANYTHING to do with LOOKS, cultural background, education, skin color, finances, nationality, interests, etc. Two people will only get together and stay together (RESONATE) if they have the same frequency, period.

For example, if you walk into a restaurant and look at the people sitting at a specific table, you will notice that they all have similar frequency. This is why friends "get together". And this is ALSO why friends or spouses separate. If one of the person's frequency rises, and the other stays the same, then soon the 2nd person will FALL right out of the other's hologram. They will fall out of the frequency range of the other person, so they cannot connect no matter how hard they try. Have you ever thought about why some of your friends from high school are no longer your friends and you don't have contact with them anymore? It's because your frequency changed and you literally cannot "see" them anymore. We are able to perceive as reality the thoughtforms of the collective masses as they were placed within the frequency bands that now exist one dimension below the frequencies within which our present focus of collective consciousness is stationed. So for example, if you have 5 strands of DNA activated and your consciousness is stationed in dimension 5, then you will see as solid the thoughtforms of dimension 4. This is why different people perceive "life" totally differently. Because of the level of their consciousness and DNA activation level.

Think about all the really strange combinations of couples out there - people that you would never dream would get together :) They are together because they have the same frequency. When you look at it this way (frequency-wise), you can also see why you are not together with certain people anymore, and you don't have to feel so bad about the "relationship not working". If the frequency is not similar, then the 2 people will not stay together. On the same note, if you are working in an environment that you don't resonate with, you will not be able to stay there. You can actually FEEL that you don't resonate with the place or the people, and eventually something will "happen" to allow you to leave. This may be unpleasant or disappointing at first if you don't know the laws of frequency.

Also, during the holiday season when family members get together for Christmas or celebrate other things, the frequency element becomes really obvious :) Most people have certain siblings or family members that they just don't resonate with. And what happens is that the parents or grandparents who try to "keep the family together", don't realize that it is all about frequency, and they try to force everyone to "get along" :) This is why there is so much drama in families, because of the differences in frequency and consciousness levels. Just because you incarnated into a specific family line doesn't mean that you should automatically resonate with everyone in your family. Oftentimes, our past-life worst enemies actually incarnate into our same family line and become our fathers, mothers, or siblings. This is very common actually. Why do they do this? To heal the hatred and allow the person to own it wisdom and evolve spiritually.

One thing that really confirms the way that everything is governed by frequency is when I try to connect to one of my coaching clients for the first session. If the client has the frequency, we will connect immediately through Sightspeed and the communication will be great. If the client doesn't quite have the frequency, there will always be some "problem", that appears technical or internet related, but in actuality is because the frequency doesn't quite match. So I will then do a session or two on the person to help raise their frequency and remove anything blocking us from connecting, and as soon as I finish that, we are always able to connect with no problems, without changing any software setting, etc.

So how then do we raise our frequency? Well, there are 3 main ways -

1) Do sessions or energy work to remove the lower vibrating energetic blockages, karmic imprints you inherited from your parents at fetal integration, and activate dormant DNA to allow you to draw and hold higher frequency from your soul and oversoul levels. This work can commence with the Auric Clearing, Karmic Sessions, and DNA Activations and can continue with expanded knowledge of how to work on yourself.

2) Exercise mental body control and only emotionally energize high frequency thoughts such as unconditional love, joy, bliss, gratitude, and exuberance.

Avoid fear, anxiety, worry, despair, and depression, as all of these are very low frequency thoughts and will attract you to the same frequency of people and situations.

3) Getting into as deep a mental state as possible through meditation, yoga and other techniques - like theta or delta states. When you are in these deep states is when you are closest to your God self and are being the "observer" in quantum physics, collapsing those energy waves into space/time sub-atomic particles as in thought manifestation.

In the Advanced Coaching, I am teaching how to use ones newer high frequency obtained from the sessions to specifically thought-seed a person's desired manifestation into their DNA template on all 12 levels using scalar language, so that this manifestation will then be projected to them by their Higher self.

In this way, the person manifests only what is in LINE with their Higher self, and doesn't create a bunch of chaotic things either in their "external" reality or in their body. The first four sessions help raise a person's frequency and they will naturally resonate with a new grid of people, places, times, things, and events, and the previous grid of people, places, times, things, and events that the lower vibrating blockages that they had attracted to them will gradually fall away. That's why it's always recommended that a couple go through this work together so that their frequency rises together.

I hope you RESONATE with this information and hope it helps you understand how frequency affects all aspects of your life.

Much love and respect,
Toby Alexander

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