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Field Report inspirant de chariot

La raison pourquoi je le poste aussi c'est parce que j'ai joué un role-playing similaire et je cherchais justement une facon d'améliorer mon approche la prochaine fois. C'est exactement ce que je recherchais... NICE!


topic: LR: The hometown phantom menace (1 of 13)
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date: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 07:03 PM
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hey guys,

so im back in my hometown after the lazy tripdeluxe over the world RSD tour. In that eight months of straight going out my skillset well, has gone up big as you have seen. A fresh new LR every week. Im big on one night stands right now. When every night you can go out and are DANGEROUS to the point where you can choose and sleep with a new girl at will... would you still be needing a girlfriend? honestly?

anyway back to the hometown. Damn! what am I doing here? its dead compared to where ive been hanigng out lately. Weird feeling I cant explain when I go out here now... its like I have to hold back because this is my hometown - I dont want to piss people off because the poeple in this town talk. Like a lot of "Thats the pick up guy" and all that - I dont want to deal with it... but then - Tonight I said FUCK YOU. Yes. I am the pick up guy... the guy that has already turned your mum and your sisters and your girlfriends head... so lay back... watch and learn from the Phantom is... menace.

To the girls!

SO I head out with my friends to the regular nightspot... Its packed with a cockfarm. Another AFC mate approaches me and says "Wanna be my wingman?" hahah. Ummm yeah but im shy.

I teach him the Pear shaped head opener and he changes it to a FAN shaped head - ahahahahaha. Lovely.

A cutie rolls by so I run the usual:

chariot: "Hey - would you date a man with a FAN shaped head. Like it starts like a V at the bottom and fans out like this (demonstrating)."
HBcutie: "haha - umm yeah ok"

Here is the key part - use other people to your advantage... this is a big thing that people with good frame control do. They use everyone in the set as pawns to their advantage.

chariot: "So hey (grabbing girl) did you know that me and her were together back six months ago???"

this is to my AFC friend - who says "Oh really" BANG he is in my frame... and I have the value.

HBcutie: "Yeah we were soulmates"
chariot: "Yeah but she became too needy so I had to throw her out the door"
HBcutie: (slap)
chariot; "But now ive seen her out and im finding her attractive all over again... OMG..." I move in and kiss her right next to her ear - no resistence - its very on. for sex.

We play in that plotline for a while... her friends come up and we tell them we are married... one of their friends tells my girl "she knows about me and doesnt like me" because she has heared about my adventures with girls from around the traps...

My girl doesnt care - shes fixated. I tell her to run along with her friends and she gets all sad and decides to blow them off for me.
We then play a game where we find a suitable partner for my AFC friend. So im grabbing random girls left and right (with cutie on my arm) and saying "Hey! so do you know my friend AFC???"... my girl is crawling all over me as I do this.

I have random girls come up at me through the night that havent seen me for a while (because ive been away) so more value is built. Chodes come up and talk to cutie - I just look around all bored and about to leave and she grabs me and starts pulling me in...

At this point I bust out a new thing I made up on the fly (ummm wait a sec... most of my stuff is on the fly these days!)

chariot: "So, honey, I have to tell you something... its a secret ive been keeping from our relationship" (ive known this girl for all of an hour)
HBcutie: "What is it?"
chariot: "Ummm. Its hard for me to say this but we really need to work through it together" (building it up)
chariot: "I cheated on you"
HBcutie: "Oh my god no!"
chariot: "Seven times"
HBcutie: "SEVEN - OH NO!"
chariot: "Yeah, Im so sorry... it was all of your friends."

Here I grab her in hard pressing right up against her and rub her head saying in her ear "Shhhhhh its ok baby... our sex is still a lot better... Shhhhh"

I point out all her friends in the club and say "Yep her too"

We play along with this for a while... haha... you gotta love plotlines like these.

So anyway later I venue change her... we are super physical but havent made out yet - I like to hold this off to build tension. I come up with some more funny plotline shit.

HBcutie: "So your a cheater! when else did this happen!?"
chariot: "Well... remember when me and my friend went camping with his girlfriend"
HBcutie: "Ohh NO!"
chariot: "Wait, hear me out... so heres the story... My friend went to look for wood. Then his girlfriend just stripped off naked and jumped in the river for a skinny dip. Now I am a social guy - I didnt want to make her feel left out. So I got naked and we had an innocent little swim. Then a shark came and chased her... so I grabbed her like this (grabbing cutie hard)... and picked her up like this... (picking up cutie in the spread legged sex position)... and ran out of the water... but then all the rubbing against each other got me excited - so she started thrusting on top of me...

HBcutie: "Like this!?" Thrusting me.
chariot: "Yep like that"
HBcutie: " But you still cheated - I would NEVER do that to you!"
chariot: "Shhhh"

I then makeout with her - in the middle of the club - with her friends watching.

Cutie tells me she is getting turned on: I ask if she can cook. Yep. She tells me her parents have gone away for five weeks... haha - cool. I say well cook me some food... but dont get any ideas remember we are not having sex for a month!

We catch a taxi back to hers... nice nice place. She cooks me pancakes and everything escalates nicely... I phantom out later when she starts sleeping (she has no ph number or any way to contact me)...

Phantom is ... strikes again.

Now the phantom must be careful in this town. Phantoming isnt as potent when all the girls go to the same venue every weekend.

Oh well - will be interesting the fights and stuff I get into around here in the next few weeks. The guy that pulls a new girl every week.


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