Saturday, January 07, 2006

What is Image Streaming?

I've just concluded my first session of image streaming.

20 minutes of it with the aid of a binaural beat sound track that is specifically designed to bring out the creative beast that is lying dormant in all human beings. It's a process that Win Wenger invented and has been proven to raise your IQ level dramatically if practiced regularly and consistently. It is a process where you just let your thoughts flow eyes shut and describing it live either to a person or a tape recorder. Just non-stop description as vivid, as sensory-rich possible.

I've had lots of insight from doing this, as I was metaphorically describing how I view the world, and what my obstacles are, etc. I can't interpret the whole thing for sure, but nonetheless the benefits still come in the form of improved visualization. It helps be more creative and better thinking.

I would suggest you look into it as I think it has it's applications in PU.

Here's a link to an article that explains in depth how it actually works: click here

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